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DayZ 2020 Year in Review


Команда форума
2 Янв 2021
Hello Survivors,

It's been a while since we last made a proper blog post for the state of DayZ. Thus, we would like to give you a brief summary of the development of DayZ that happened this year.

DayZ in 2020

The core work for our team in 2020 was founded on four major updates to support the game and expand on its content. We are happy to see that, although this year presented us with significant challenges due to the pandemic, all updates except one could be released within our schedule. They featured new and returned weapons, the M3S truck, and features such as the cold survival, broken legs, or the rework of the fireplaces.

DayZ 2020 in content

  • 5 new/returned weapons

  • Returned broken legs

  • Returned the M3S truck

  • Massive upgrade to the cooking and cold survival

  • Upgrades to Chernarus

  • New base building flags for easier base persistence

  • Continued modding support

While 2019 was a year of releases for Xbox, PlayStation, and our Livonia DLC, 2020 was aimed at providing new content for you, as well as stabilizing the game, and giving meaning to survival features. Basic balancing elements of DayZ like cold and hunger finally got their deserved attention, to make the game tough, but still fair and encouraging towards new players. We continue to empower modders and server owners to the best of our possibilities, to allow them to create and shape their own worlds and adventures in them. Modders have had time to get to know the tricks of DayZ Modding, and we have been seeing major additions to the Workshop, with our very own Adam Francu releasing his anticipated Namalsk mod to the public earlier this month.

DayZ 2020 in numbers

  • Major Updates: 4 (1.07-1.10)

  • Top peak of concurrent players on PC: 40,545 in February (highest since Feb 2014)

  • Top monthly average of concurrent players on PC: 20,700 over the last 30 days (highest since Feb 2014)

  • from January to November, DayZ saw 4.1 Million new users, with Xbox leading with 2.5M

  • Top viewers on Twitch: 107,352 in August (all-time record)

  • BattlEye bans: 24,000 and counting (in comparison to only 10,000 over the previous 4 years combined)

  • 9,000+ mods created by players

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